Ministry in Motion is a weekly video series exploring best practices for ministry.

For the past 85 years, Ministry has provided valuable resources for pastors in 3 areas: deepening spiritual life, developing intellectual strength in a careful study of the Scriptures, and equipping pastors and lay leaders for efective pastoral and evangelistic ministry. The mission of Ministry remains unchanged, but media is changing and so are delivery systems. With Ministry in Motion, we move beyond print to video, from static to motion. You can watch Ministry in Motion on DIRECTV 368, on your iPod, your iPad, or your computer. We’d also like to hear from you. What best practices have you discovered for your ministry in the 21st century? Let’s learn together and fulfill the mission that Jesus has set before us.

Anthony Kent

Anthony Kent has more than 30 years of experience as a pastor, church planter, evangelist and teacher / trainer of pastors. Since 2005 he has been coaching, ofering continuing education and professional development for pastors around the world.

Ivan Williams

Ivan Williams has served as a pastor for nearly 30 years, sensing God’s call to ministry when he was 13 years old. He has served in church administration, and as a civil and military chaplain. Ivan is passionate about ministering to pastors and their families.

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Anthony Medley & Chad Stuart

Ministering to the Grieving – Anthony Medley and Chad Stuart

November 11, 2018
Ty Gibson

Planting a Church Using Storyline

November 4, 2018
Marshall Kelly

Thriving as a Retiree

October 28, 2018