Preaching Fundamentals

Hyveth Williams talks about the fundamentals of good preaching. Guest: Hyveth Williams

Planning Your Preaching

Pastor Randy Roberts talks about how to plan your preaching. Guest: Randy Roberts

Life Changing Biblical Preaching

Mark Finley outlines the steps for preparing sermons that have a life changing impact on the hearers. Guest: Mark Finley

Nine Lessons from the Preaching Ministry of Jesus

Derek Morris shares insights from the ministry of the universe’s greatest preacher and teacher. Guest: Derek Morris

Life Changing Evangelistic Preaching

Mark Finley shares his life story as pastor, evangelist and how God has used him to lead thousands to Christ during more than 40 years in ministry. Guest: Mark Finley

Preparing Your Sermon

Randy Roberts gives advice on preparing your sermon. Guest: Randy Roberts

Learning from Master Preachers

Derek Morris share practical principles from master preachers. Guest: Derek Morris

Making Life Changing Appeals

Mark Finley emphasizes the importance of making regular appeals and how to make them more effective. Guest: Mark Finley

How to Prepare Powerful Biblical Sermons

Derek Morris explains the steps needed to create powerful biblical sermons. Guest: Derek Morris

How Writing Can Enhance Your Ministry

Willie Hucks outlines the need for pastors to become good writers, not only good preachers. Guest: Willie Hucks

The Interactive Sermon

Bill Knott explains how to better engage your congregation during sermon time, moving past the days of passive listening. Guest: Bill Knott

Effective Sermon Delivery

Derek Morris provides effective tips will enhance your sermon for you and your listeners. Guest: Derek Morris

Finding Great Sermon Resources

Bill Knott shares resources that will improve your weekly messages, and where to find better sermon ideas and illustrations. Guest: Bill Knott